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Official Inauguration of the new Lab(08/06/2017)


3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup Simulation 3D(2016)

3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup Simulation 3D(2015)

3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup Simulation 2D(2015)

3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup Simulation 3D(2014)

3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup@Home(2014)

3rd Place/LARC - RoboCup Simulation 2D(2012)

1st Place/CBR - RoboCup Simulation 2D(2011)


Research Projects

Cognitive Robotics - FPTI/FA
Learning and cognition of mobile robots
to human assistance

Intelligent Guided Vehicle (IGV) - Renault/FA
Intelligent autonomous robot to pick car parts
and move them to production areas

Powerline inspection - IFPR/UTFPR/CNPQ
Autonomous inspection of high voltage
transmission lines through UAVs

Search & Rescue using UAV - FA
Autonomous UAV search and rescue
based on thermal vision

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) - Renault/FA
Intelligent systems for advanced driver assistance
based on radar and in automobile experience

Robocup projects


RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League

RoboCup Small Size (F180)

RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation League

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